The MCR is funded largely through a college allowance; additional income includes profit made on the vending machine and revenue from social events. The MCR’s largest expenditure category is social events, being the parties, video nights etc that the social secretaries run. Other regular outgoings include payments for subscriptions to newspapers, magazines and the TV licence, brunches, administration, cylinder rental and capital purchases for the Spoom.

A limited amount of money is also available to those who organise an event that is open to MCR members, but outside the domain of the social secretaries. Such events have to fulfil criteria as to the numbers involved in order to obtain a subsidy. More detailed information on these ‘petition social’ events will be available from the Treasurer.

Finance in the MCR also concerns itself with the issue of students' payments to the college and university. Batells prices (being the room rent for each term) have now been set for the next few years at New College. Therefore liaison with the college over financial matters will shift from attempts to obtain fair batells prices to discussion of financial aid.

A financial aid committee meets in college and has two MCR representatives. At this forum it is likely that any concerns will be brought if it is felt that the payments from certain research bodies or scholarships are not keeping pace with the cost of living in college accommodation.

Please e-mail the MCR treasurer if you have any questions regarding finances of the MCR.

New College Finance

For more information financial matters at New College in general, including how to apply for financial aid, study grants, please check out the New College website.

For information specifically about how Battels (college fees) work, how to pay, and how to opt out of voluntary charges, please take a look at the Guide to Battels.