New college typically accommodates most of its graduates for 1 year, with a reasonable chance of a second year in college accommodation. In particular, non-UK graduates will almost always be housed in college accommodation for their first year. Oxford University graduates are not guaranteed accommodation in college but are often accommodated for 1 year.

College has accommodation for graduates at 3 different sites: Weston Buildings, Warham House, and more recently Castle Mill.

The weston buildings contain the majority of the New College graduate accommodation, comprising of 16 houses, each with 6 rooms. They are located on the college sports grounds, about a 5 minute walk from college itself. Each room is a single study bedroom; the bathrooms are not ensuite, but there are 3 bath/shower rooms per house, meaning each is shared between only 2 people. Laundry facilities are available on-site, and the MCR is located here.

Some graduates may be housed at Warham House, which contains 9 rooms for new and returning graduate students. This is located on Mansfield Road, at most a 2 minute walk from college and close to the Weston Buildings, and thus the MCR. The rooms are all different but are generally large. The house contains a couple of kitchens, a number of shower/bath rooms and 1 washing machine and tumble dryer.

College also supplements its graduate accommodation options by renting a number of rooms in blocks F and G of the university's Castle Mill site. This is located near the train station, on the west side of oxford, and is very convenient for Said business school and the exciting bars and pubs of the Jericho district. It is slightly further from the college and MCR than the other accommodation, however it is still no more than a 10 minute cycle ride (and in Oxford bikes are probably more common than cars...). The rooms are all modern and ensuite. For more information on the Castle Mill site, please see

Graduate Housing Ballot

Returning graduates (i.e. non-freshers) have the opportunity to apply for college accommodation each year. This section explains a little bit about this process. The ballot is fundamentally run by college, however the MCR secretary (Matt Bilyard, liases with college and passes on the relevant information to the MCR; as such, if you have any queries, he would be happy to try and help out.

Typically around the end of March, you will receive an email containing within it an application form for the housing ballot along with (hopefully) all the relevant details! The deadline for the ballot application itself will be approximately 2 weeks after this time, which is normally around or just before the start of Trinity Term.

Usually there are around 25 rooms reserved for returning graduates; the remainder are reserved mostly for incoming freshers, since it would be harder for them to find alternative accommodation. These rooms are distributed between Weston, Warham House, and Castle Mill (see main accommodation page for further details on these locations). If you don't initially get a room, do not despair! - you will be placed on a waiting list, and it is relatively common for a number of people with rooms to later pull out.

Your position on the ballot will essentially depend on how many years you have already lived in college accommodation, with priority given to those who have never lived in college. On top of this, the highest priority is given to students entering their final year who have never lived in college accommodation.

Whilst it is generally not encouraged, it is possible if the situation necessitates it to pull out of the ballot at a later stage (although not too late). It is, however, much harder to do the reverse.

For questions about the ballot itself, feel free to contact the MCR secretary. For queries regarding rents/moving in dates/logistics and so on, probably your best bet is to contact college (Joan Fraser, Caroline Thomas, Sue Fisher) directly, although the MCR secretary will try and help if he/she can