Other Information

Common Rooms

As a graduate student, you are part of the Middle Common Room (MCR) as well as the Junior Common Room (JCR). The MCR is situated in the Weston Building's Pavilion, now called the Rew Nooner Spoom, an iterated `Spoonerism' on the old MCR which was located in the Sacher building, then called the Rooner Spoom (Spooner Room). The MCR at Weston includes a large room on the first floor with a lavish bar and veranda as well as a kitchen and espresso machine (the manual for which is can be found here). Members must clean up after themselves if they use these facilities. The MCR also includes a Media room on the ground floor for watching television and movies. The JCR has satellite television, a pool table and computers for e-mail.

Computer Rooms

There are computers and printers available for MCR members in the MCR and in the JCR. The computers are all connected to the college network and the internet and are operated on Windows 10 with Microsoft Word, Netscape and various essential programs installed. If you require access to a specific program for your work, please contact the college computing officer. A scanner is available in the JCR computer room. Printers are available in both the JCR and MCR computer rooms. The cost of printing on the college printers is 7 pence per page and is charged to your battels. Colour pages can be printed in the JCR computer room at a cost of 25p per page.

If you have any difficulty with the computers in the JCR or MCR, please contact the college IT office at: it-support@new.ox.ac.uk


There are 2 washing machines and 2 driers in the Weston Buildings and Warham House. The cost of a wash is 1.80 (or 2.00 for a super wash) and it costs 20p to dry per 16 minutes.

JCR Pantry

The JCR pantry is opposite the JCR. They supply snacks, alcohol, soft drinks, cigarettes, washing powder and other assorted items. They are open from 7:30am to 1pm and 6pm to 8pm on weekdays during term.

King's College Cambridge Guest Rooms

As of October 2012, New College has an agreement with King's College Cambridge that allows New College Members to book their guest rooms at the 'NRM' (non-resident members; i.e. King's alumni) rate. Prices can be found here, and rooms can be booked by emailing guestrooms@kings.cam.ac.uk.