MCR Peer Supporters

Richard Millar (


Hi! I joined the MCR in 2012 and am now a 4th year studying a DPhil in the physics of climate change. I trained as a peer supporter in Michaelmas 2014 and having been around Oxford as an undergrad too, I've had experience of all sides of Oxford life. Whilst being a fantastic place to live, we all know that without a doubt Oxford can at times be a very challenging place to be in a whole number of ways. If you want to talk over anything at all, then please get in touch and I'd love to have a chat.

Conal Grealis (

Hi, Iím Conal. Iím an MCR Fresher on the European Enlightenment MSt. Since I did my undergrad here at as well, I've been a Peer Supporter at New College since 2010! I was also a JCR Welfare Rep. As a consequence, I have a pretty good understanding of the support systems available at both College and University level.

Iím really keen to increase awareness of Peer Supporters in the MCR where we remain an underused resource. Given that we are a little further removed from College than undergraduates living in College, I think itís even more important that we make the most of the welfare networks we have as a community of graduates. Peer Supporters are available whenever you feel like offloading to someone who is happy to listen. There is no rant, quibble or problem too small or insignificant, and if you feel your problem needs greater or more specialised attention we know the networks of people who are best placed to help.

We can communicate either electronically or arrange to meet in person, as you wish, so please never hesitate to get in touch. Our time in Oxford is precious and we shouldn't let worries about work or our personal lives detract from that.

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