Colloquia / Roundtables

The MCR colloquia are informal seminars, presented by graduates of New College on their research or academic interests to fellow common room members. These talks occur in a relaxed environment with complimentary wine and nibbles, and are free for our MCR members to attend.

The colloquia will occur during most weeks of term until 9th week. Typically they are on Tuesdays at 8-9pm in Lecture Room 6. For a list of previous colloquia, including abstracts, click here.

Recently, we have also been holding a number of roundtable discussions on topics ranging from ancient greece to social entrepreneurship. These typically consist of a small number of people (2-4) presenting for 5-10 minutes each on their particular interests, research or otherwise, within a common subject area (e.g. "music", "biotechnology", etc.). Audience members are strongly encouraged to ask questions and get involved!

Please join us at the colloquia and/or roundtables for intellectual discussion and to support your fellow MCR members. If you wish to present at a colloquium or roundtable in the future, or just learn more about them, then please email your MCR vice-president, Emma Riley (