MCR Committee 2016-17

The MCR committee is elected to bring together the whole MCR, to represent its needs and to ensure that all its members are allowed the opportunity to have a fulfilling experience at New College.

You can reach the committee members at their email:


Lauren Burton

Lauren is in her second year of a DPhil in Educational Psychology and is the President of the New College MCR. As President, Lauren serves as the representative of all graduate students in college, and her main role is to effectively communicate the needs and wishes of all MCR members to the College and to the University. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or questions regarding the various facilities and events available, please do not hesitate to contact her.

When she is not studying, Lauren can often be found at one of the many social activities in the MCR, such as formal dinners, exchanges with other colleges, and weekly bar nights. She also maintains a strong interest in choral music, which she pursues as both a long-standing member and manager of the College Choir at Christ Church.


Emma Riley

Emma is studying for an DPhil in Economics where she focuses on financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa. When she's not visiting Kenya she's using her skills from 2 years as a social secretary to organise a unforgettable Fresherís fortnight to help everyone get to know each other at the start of term. As VP, Emma is also responsible for the academic community in the MCR (email her if youíd like to give a talk or participate in a discussion on any topic) and for helping the secretary organise elections.

Originally from Oxford, Emma enjoys taking advantage of the numerous activities the city has to offer, from punting to bops to a night at the pub with friends. Emma is a long practising yogi and enjoys travelling to far off locations whenever her budget allows it.


Corey Moore

Corey is reading for his M. St. in Musicology. His research interests are based around music for the stage, previously his research has led him down the path of Leonard Bernsteinís operatic works, but more recently in the direction of China. Although enjoying his undergraduate study at the University of Bristol, Corey is enjoying his first year in Oxford, particularly the rich musical tradition of New College and the wider Oxford community.

As the MCR Secretary, Corey is responsible for taking the minutes in MCR committee meetings and organising General Meetings. He is responsible for the basic admin of the MCR, but also organising the MCR election and housing ballot for the following year. Usually, you can find him drinking tea in the kitchen with the Arts and Culture Rep or in the Ďcactus roomí of house 5.


Casper Beentjes

Casper is currently in his second year of a DPhil in Mathematics. Maths is a pretty wide subject, so to be more specific, he works in the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology trying to apply his mathematical tool-kit to interesting biology related problems such as cell sensing and biochemical reaction networks. As part of his DPhil he has to spend a fair amount of time juggling with numbers and playing around with computer code. There is however a life outside of this mathematical realm and he tries to spend some (or most) of that time with college football, squash and cycling in the countryside (an obvious hobby for somebody coming from a country with more bicycles than people!).

As your treasurer he overseas the MCR's expenditures and pays for the subscriptions, licences and all kinds of other stuff so that you don't have to worry about them! If you do, however, worry about the financial state of the MCR or have any suggestions for new subscriptions or expenditures (or savings!) do feel free to contact him at any time in the bar, via digital mail or via a good old fashioned hand-written letter.

Social Secretary

Jakub Stefaniak

Jakub (Jack) is currently doing a PhD in Systems Approaches in Biomedical Sciences, currently working towards creating new and interesting compounds to fight cancer. He spends his days making new drugs and nights relentlessly testing them on cells, hoping to one day make a significant breakthrough that could change the world.

In his spare time, Jack is an avid sportsperson, boxer, coder and an armchair economist. Heís also a health-nut, always snacking on chia seeds and blueberries.

Jack is one of the three MCR Social Secretaries. All sorts of fun events, like bops, parties, second desserts, exchange dinners are within his domain. You can usually find him in the MCR bar, at the gym, or in his room in house 9.

Social Secretary

Lorenzo Venturini

Lorenzo is in the first year of a DPhil in Biomedical Imaging, and spends his days studying pictures and searching for ways to make them look better. As one of the three MCR social secretaries, his job is to organise exchange dinners, bops and parties for all the graduate students of New College.

Lorenzo can reliably be found at MCR events, especially those which involve free food and drink. He actually enjoys rowing, and memorises useless trivia in his spare time to hone his pub quiz skills. His primary motivation in life is the consumption of large quantities of cheese.

Social Secretary

Idil Cazimoglu

I am Idil, a first-year DPhil student in Synthetic Biology and a fan of musicals. I was also at New College for an MSc in Physical Chemistry, so have been in the MCR for a while. If you see anyone walking around humming ABBA tunes, chances are itís me, so come say hi. If itís not, you might make a new friend!

As your social secretary, my job is to organise social events for you, together with our other two social secretaries and separately. In addition to our guest nights, exchange dinners, bops etc., I organise a bunch of chilled events such as chocolate tasting and sushi making. I also serve as a peer supporter on our welfare team. If you have any questions, want to suggest ideas for a social event, or would like a sympathetic ear, please let me know.

Welfare Officer

Belinda Faust

I'm Belinda, a fourth year DPhil student in Structural Biology and your welfare officer. My role is it to make sure you feel welcome in our MCR. I run Tea &Cake events every fortnight and other events to make you feel like home. I'm also part of our New College peer support team, that can support you in more difficult times and is available to listen to you. We treat all matters confidentially. Feel free to get in touch with me for all matters (big or small...) or just to suggest a cool idea for a welfare event.

House Officer

Charlotte Baarda

Charlotte is a third year DPhil student at the Department of Sociology. Her research is on human trafficking from Nigeria to Europe. She spends her time eating chips and gravy and analyzing intercepted phone conversations between criminals.

Having thoroughly enjoyed all the MCR has to offer over the last few years, Charlotte will now return the favor by keeping the MCR plants alive, yelling at you for putting your wine glass in a dangerous place, and keeping the coffee machine running.

Arts and Culture Rep

David Kaufman

David Kaufman is reading for M.St. in History of Art, though he comes from a background in classics and comparative literature. Hailing from the mean streets of Long Island, New York, he enjoys regaling strangers with tales of Prussia and Austria-Hungary whose fortunes seem more exciting than said mean streets. As arts and culture rep, he hopes to share his love for classical music (especially Schubert and Mozart) and the virtues of German Renaissance art with anyone who might listen.

He comes to Oxford after four years at Brown, though he has very quickly adjusted to life in Merry Old England, for which he had secretly been preparing since at least season two of Downton Abbey. He enjoys evening walks, reading, conversing with foreigners, struggling through Schubertís piano music, and arguing with the MCR secretary over issues both political and musical. He hopes to stay in Britain for a while longer, if Teresa May will still have him.

Women's Rep

Sophie Eager

Iím doing a Masterís in Modern French Literature and Thought, though I also did my undergrad at Oxford, so this is my fifth year at New College. My own experience from the outset has made me interested in the behaviour and development of students at Oxford in relation to their gender, and last year I helped College write a report on why female students do not perform as well as their male counterparts in Oxford Final Examinations. There is an active and positive feminist community in Oxford, though on the whole it tends to be led by undergraduates, and I am keen to encourage graduate involvement in these conversations during my term as Womenís Rep. If you have any concerns or questions about anything relating to being a woman in Oxford, I would absolutely love to hear from you, but most of all get informed! A number of people have asked me why there is a Womenís Officer and not a Menís Officer in the MCR, and I would encourage you to reflect on why that might be the case. And if at all possible, please donít be a misogynist.

Sports Rep

Aaron Hundle

I am currently in my fourth year of study for the Clinical Medicine course. I love to get involved in a wide range of sports at all levels - from training with the university squash second team (OUSRC Squirrels), to casually playing medic football and competing in our collegeís croquet tournament! I also really enjoy being captain of the squash team here at New College. As the MCR Sports Rep my job is to make sure that you have everything you need for your college sporting endeavours. This means that Iím responsible for maintaining our sports equipment / facilities and keeping you informed of any college or university sporting opportunities. Iím also responsible for organizing MCR sports teams, liaising with the captains of our JCR teams (that are open to both undergraduate and graduate students) and arranging outings to sporting events that you might be interested in. So, if youíre keen to start up or join a team, or would like to go to see a match, feel free to contact me.

Bar Rep

Katie Heath

Iím Katie, a first year DPhil in Bioscience. As your first year rep my job is to organise relaxing social events in our MCR for you all to enjoy. These include movie nights (for which Iím open to film suggestions!), and plenty of other fun events around the MCR.

I can usually be found in my second home in the MCR bar, where I am also your bar rep. This involves ordering in all our drinks, running the bar, allocating bar shift volunteers and all other bar-related activities. If youíd like to work as a bar shift volunteer or have suggestions for things we can get in stock then get in touch.

I enjoy playing football among plenty of other sports. I also dabble in writing a DPhil from time to time.


Dragos Mosneagu

Dragos is reading for a DPhil in Interdisciplinary Bioscience and heís in his first year of studies. Born in Romania, he comes to Oxford from Italy, where he spent half of his life. His multicultural upbringing, together with a one-year long exchange experience to Thailand, helped shaping his personality. Besides being an avid traveller, Dragos loves hiking, listening to music, going to and organising social events. He also loves experiencing different cuisines.

As LGBTQ+ officer, he is committed in listening to concerns over gender and sexual identity, as well as helping with possible discrimination issues that might arise. He also plans on fostering the MCR LGBTQ+ Society by organising social events where people could meet, talk and feel part of a bigger community. He enjoys collaborating with other LGBTQ+ officers from different colleges in the organisation of exchange events and gatherings. Most importantly, he is committed in the welfare and wellbeing of anyone that identifies with the LGBTQ+ values or believes to be part of a sexual minority.

If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

First-Year Rep

Joanne Jansen

I am Joanne, a first year DPhil student in Mathematical Biology. As first year rep, my main task consists of organising the MCR movie nights. It is my aim to keep the selection of both movies and, almost equally important, snacks, as broad as possible: from art-house to blockbuster and from pizza to home made apple pie. Of course, I am always open to suggestions. Apart from the movie nights, I will help our VP with the organisation of the Fresher's Fortnight next Michaelmas term.

Originally, I am from Delft, the Netherlands, which probably explains why I love cycling. After having rowed for quite a few years, I finally managed to stop and now very much enjoy spending the extra spare time on balls, dinners and bops. I am also a member of the OU Triathlon Club.