2005-2006 Committee:

Editor-in-Chief Vicki Stronge
Publisher Anna Zimdars, Evan Mayo-Wilson
Cover Design Hana Ross
Editors Nicholas Davis,
Sam Evans,
Mayur Patel,
Hana Ross,
Robert Schiff,
Paul Taylor

SCR Advisory Board:

Dr. Elizabeth Frazer Fellow and Tutor in Politics
Dr. Peggy Frith Fellow and Tutor in Medicine
Janet Harris  
Dr. Richard Mash Fellow and Tutor in Economics
Dr. William Poole Fellow and Tutor in English
Dr. Alan Renwick Junior Research Fellow in Politics
Professor Richard Whittington Fellow and Tutor in Management Studies


Brett Huneycutt The Other Side (El Otro Lado)
Ben Juratowich And Prothviraj Datta Torture And The Ticking Bomb
Mohammed Ali The Battle Of The Bulge: The Socio-Economic Issues Of Obesity
Vicki Stronge Uncovering The Secrets Of H5N1 Avian Flu
Anna Zimdars Who Gets Into Oxford - A Question Of National Interest?
Simon Baptist How Can We Decide What To Do About Climate Change? A Sketch Of An Economic Answer
Anuradhka Devi And Kristof Bostoen Extending The Critical Aspects Of The Water Access Indicator: How Adding Water Quantity Changes The East African Water Supply Coverage Statistics
Hayley Rust Amputation Of Healthy Limbs: An Ethical Argument
Sam Thompson Literary Criticism, Scientific Interpretation And The Winter's Tale
Mayur Patel The Battle For The House Of Stone 2005: Democratic Space In Zimbabwe In Light Of The Interaction Between Nationalism And The Politics OF Opposition
Oliver Cover Who Cares What We Assume? An Analysis of Friedman’s Methodology of Positive Economics and Selected Critics
Evan Mayo-Wilson Delivery, Uptake and Context: Implementation in Reports of Clinical Trials