2015-2016 Committee:

Editor-in-Chief Arnold Mathijssen
Publisher Arnold Mathijssen
Typesetter Arnold Mathijssen
Cover Design Yuqian Gan (Philomena)
Webmaster Arnold Mathijssen
Editorial Committee Harriet Dempsey-Jones
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Eduard Willms.
SCR Review Committee Dr. Megan Campbell,
Prof. Joseph Conlon,
Dr. Gideon Elford,
Prof. Stephen Mulhall.


Volume 11 of The New Collection is available as a PDF download from here.


Melanie Bejzyk Criminalization on the Basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
C. Ignacio de Casas What are human rights standards?
Stephen Dillon Language policies for non-native language speaking migrant children in Scotland and Slovenia: whose interests do policy changes serve?
Rebecca Engebretsen Why do we continue to care about international aid?
Conal Grealis Voltaire and the ancient 'moderns' - in pursuit of pleasure
Antonio Lombardo Analysis of vocal signals for the detection of vocal tract diseases