Editorial Welcome:

This is the 10th edition of The New Collection and we are proud to publish a record number of articles this year -- plenty of reason for a celebration! Submissions have come from a wide range of disciplines, highlighting but a fraction of the fascinating research undertaken at New College, Oxford.

Whereas each article is aimed for a general academic readership, it has been written and reviewed by experts in the field, both by Middle Common Room (MCR) peer reviewers and Senior Common Room (SCR) academic staff, both from New College and other colleges within the University of Oxford. We would like to thank this community for the extensive feedback received, and we trust numerous fruitful discussions and future projects will arise from this work.

Indeed, new contributions towards the next volume of this journal are strongly encouraged. Whether they are reexaminations of the works herein, or entirely new inspirations, we look forward to welcoming the latest research manuscripts. Submission guidelines are located at the back of the journal.

The cover photo we have chosen for this issue was taken by to compete in the annual MCR photo competition. Entitled `Magnificent', it depicts `New life waiting to burst forth on a cold spring morning.' Let this lift your inspirations and may your ventures flourish. Or in the words of William Blake (1757--1827):

To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.

We hope you will enjoy reading this edition of The New Collection!

Arnold Mathijssen, Editor-in-Chief
Eleanor McDonald, Publisher



The New Collection plays a central role in the intellectual life of New College, providing graduate students with the opportunity to contribute to an academic publication, to experience the rigorous process of peer review and to see their work in print

I offer my thanks to the editorial team who put this edition together, and in particular to Arnold Mathijssen, this year's Editor-in-Chief.

It is rare indeed for an academic publication to be as interdisciplinary as the New Collection. This journal offers readers the opportunity to read scientific studies alongside archaeological articles and philosophical papers. It is a fascinating insight into the wonderful work being undertaken by the graduate students of New College

This year, the committee was overwhelmed with submissions from across a broad range of subject areas. Each article is stimulating and unique, and it is only fitting that such fine scholarship be preserved for future generations in the annals of New College and on the shelves of the Bodleian library.

Genevieve Woods
MCR President 2014-15