Editorial Welcome:

Welcome to the 12th edition of The New Collection, an interdisciplinary student-led academic journal that publishes research done by postgraduates at New College.

Authors submitting to The New Collection take upon themselves a challenging but rewarding task; since all articles are required to be accessible to a general academic audience, the authors must address a readership with backgrounds and practices quite divorced from their own. Whilst there is much focus nowadays on the importance of outreach, and on developing the ability to communicate ideas and research in simple terms to the layman, equally important is the ability to learn to communicate one's research to academics working in other disciplines. Such a skill can be best learned by talking to peers and exchanging ideas, which is precisely what occurs during the review process at The New Collection: thanks to a common effort between the Middle Common Room (MCR) and Senior Common Room (SCR), articles are edited several times and many comments from experts and non-experts are submitted, in an effort to make the articles truly accessible to a general academic audience. Thus not only is The New Collection a way for MCR members to experience the peer review process first hand, often for the first time; it also offers a unique opportunity to be exposed to research practices in fields very far from one's own. One small but significant aspect of this — which you may notice reading through the pages of this volume — is that all articles have different reference styles, according to the field to which they belong.

I would like to thank the authors, the editors from the MCR, and the reviewers from the SCR for the enormous effort they put into making the volume you are holding in your hands possible.

Nina Otter, Editor-in-Chief