Guideline for Submissions to the New Collection

SHORT ARTICLES: Max. 1000 words
LONG ARTICLES: Max 4000 words

The New Collection publishes articles from all disciplines with the aim to represent the diverse spectrum of research undertaken by members of the MCR.

Both review and research articles are accepted for submission, and the articles should be accessible to the broad audience of the New College MCR. All members of the MCR and those who have just graduated are encouraged to submit.

Please use whatever reference style is appropriate for your discipline. Authors will have the choice of whether or not they would like their submissions considered working papers whereby readers are asked not to cite the work without the author’s permission. This is to help ensure that publication in the New Collection does not preclude publication elsewhere.


Review Process:

The New Collection uses a peer-review process. Typically, these reviews are "blind" which means the reviewers are usually unaware of the identity of the authors. In the first stage of the review process, the author is notified of the receipt of his or her submission. Once you receive notice, the work is submitted to two or more reviewers. Based on their comments, the editors determine whether the submission is appropriate for the journal and whether the work is of the quality necessary for publication. The aim of the editorial board is to reflect the diversity of work in the MCR, which may necessitate an article to be refused on grounds of there being too many submissions from similar disciplines. Where articles have been accepted, if further work is required prior to publication, the editors will provide the author with recommendations for revision. Work now enters the copyediting phase. Authors then receive a galley proof of their submission before it goes to print, and they are given an opportunity to make any last minute corrections.



If you have any questions, please contact:

The New Collection MCR Journal
New College
Holywell Street
Oxford, OX1 3BN