The MCR own various items that can be borrowed by members, like bikes, instruments, board games or books.


The MCR owns a fleet of bicycles which MCR members can borrow for a few days at a time for free! These are maintained by the MCR Bike Rep, so feel free to reach out with any questions.

If you would like to borrow a bike, you must first fill out this form. Then you will receive an automated email (check your spam folder if you don’t get one after a few minutes) containing information on where to collect the keys.

Board Games

Our MCR has a wonderful and ever-expanding collection of board games. Most of them are in the MCR TV room (Weston Pavillion, ground floor), and some in the Spoom (Weston Pavillion, 1st floor. You can find a list of available games attached.

You can either play those games within the Weston Pavillion or take them home with you. In the latter case, you must sign out your borrowed game(s) (cf. instructions).

Important changes to the borrowing system: we have introduced a 7-day limit on loan periods.

If you have any board game suggestions for our collection, or if you have any queries about the scheme, contact the Arts and Culture officer.

Air Mattresses

The MCR has 3 single-sized air mattresses that any MCR member can use. In order to borrow one, you must fill out the mattress sign out form that’s located in the white cabinet at the back of the TV room in the MCR pavilion (same place the bike and board game rental forms are).

The mattresses are located on the second shelf from the bottom of that same cabinet. There is also an air pump that you can use to help blow up the mattresses, but please make sure that you return this pump ASAP since we only have one and other people may need it to inflate their mattresses.

Once you’re done using your borrowed mattress, please return it to the shelf that you picked it up from and note the date you returned it so we can properly track where they are.

If you have any questions, please contact the Housing Officer.


We support the musical talents of the many in our MCR, professional or amateur alike! We have guitars, ukeleles, and even a (immovable) piano upstairs!

To cope with issues (e.g. people taking instruments without signing them up, keeping them for disproportionate time periods, etc), we limit the borrowing system to ensure that all MCR members can profit from it. This means that borrowing periods will have to be reduced to a few days and at least one guitar will always have to remain in the TV room.


The MCR has a growing collection of books on a variety of topics, feel free to check it out in the TV Room! If you have suggestions on new books to procure for our collective enjoyment, feel free to contact the Arts and Culture officer.