The MCR Committee

The committee represents the students of the MCR and is always working towards making life at New College easier, more fun and more social.

Photo of Miriam Yakobashvili (she/her)

Miriam Yakobashvili (she/her)

President & Women's Officer

Hi! I’m Miriam. I am from Tbilisi Georgia, and doing an MPhil in International Relations. Outside of my studies, I enjoy art, cooking, and trying out new cuisines. I wish to make the MCR a safer and more inclusive space for all! Please reach out with any ideas or concerns.

Photo of Frank Lukens

Frank Lukens

Vice President

Frankie is a Florida Man (and also Guatemalan). He is doing an MSt in Modern European History. When not reading about the German-Latin American coffee trade, he enjoys swimming, eating Thai and Indian food, learning German, and going to pubs with friends.

Photo of Alec Steeley (he/him)

Alec Steeley (he/him)


Hi! I’m Alec. I’m from Stratford-upon-Avon and doing an MPhil in Economics. I moved to Oxford after my undergrad at Warwick. On the rare occasion that I have time outside my course, I like calisthenics, playing piano and going on very long walks and runs with my friends.

Photo of Bushra Senin (she/her)

Bushra Senin (she/her)

Social Secretary

Bushra is pursuing a DPhil in Biochemistry, focusing on DNA replication and repair mechanisms. Apart from complaining about how long her day has been (every day), she spends her free time reading and attempting to write poetry and playing the piano.

Photo of Pat Flood

Pat Flood

Social Secretary

Pat is a History student specialising in the eighteenth-century. He is most commonly found trying to find decent coffee in Oxford, and planning the next big social engagement. He specialises in nuanced discussions about history & people that most find dull.

Photo of Zac Reastar

Zac Reastar

Social Secretary & Fresher's Rep

Zach is pursuing an MSc in Higher Education with a focus on American educational policy. He was born and raised in Ohio, but he is not unfamiliar with Oxford as he completed his undergrad at Miami University (the Paris of the Midwest). In his free time, he enjoys wine, food, and sports, and if you combine all three it’s probably the best day of his life…

Photo of Elena Russo (she/hers)

Elena Russo (she/hers)

Welfare Officer & LGBTIQ+ Rep

Elena is currently doing my DPhil in History. She likes to spend my days immersed in history books among dusty library shelves, but you will also find me on a football pitch or playing the violin (or at least trying to!). As Welfare Officer officer, she aims to create a community where everyone can feel at home. Whether you have concerns to address or simply want a…

Photo of Nick Arndt (he/him)

Nick Arndt (he/him)

Welfare Officer

Nick is from Germany and currently reading for an MPhil in International Relations at the DPIR, just across from the Weston Buildings. He completed his undergrad at in Groningen, the Netherlands. Next to studying, he enjoys playing and watching football, wasting money on fancy coffee, and cooking.

Photo of Ala Maksymiuk (she/hers)

Ala Maksymiuk (she/hers)

House Officer

Hi, I’m Ala, a DPhil student focusing on AI for drug discovery as a part of Sustainable Approaches to Biomedical Science CDT. When I’m not complaining about debugging, I enjoy bouldering, hiking, playing an electric guitar and reading.

Photo of Alysia Martinez (she/hers)

Alysia Martinez (she/hers)

Bar Officer

Howdy! I’m Alysia (: I hale from the great state of Texas and I’m so excited to serve as this years Bar Rep and be a part of our incredible community!

Photo of Aniket Chakravorty (he/him)

Aniket Chakravorty (he/him)

Equality and Diversity Officer

Aniket is a BPhil student in philosophy. When he isn’t busy arguing about philosophy, he can probably be found arguing about cricket. He also enjoys cooking and building lego in his spare time. Reach out to him if you have thoughts on how to make New College more welcoming for everyone!

Photo of Gregory Langone

Gregory Langone

Sports Rep / Vice Admiral of Punts

Greg is a Civil Engineering student from New York. He specializes in getting evicted from sports grounds.

Photo of Josh Selfe (he/him)

Josh Selfe (he/him)

Bike Rep

I have just begun a DPhil, focusing on neuroscience. I am from South Africa and enjoy all things outdoors, including biking!

Photo of Marie-Angela Stokolosa (she/her)

Marie-Angela Stokolosa (she/her)

Arts & Culture Rep

Hi ! I’m Marie-Angela and I’m studying for the Diploma in Legal Studies. I previously studied in London and in Paris. I enjoy oil painting and life drawing and I’m very proud of my growing collection of ugly mugs. My goal this year is to fill up the many sketchbooks I brought from home and to eat 11 hashbrowns in one sitting.

Photo of Alex Lovell (they/them)

Alex Lovell (they/them)

Disability Rep

I’m a PGCE student and I specialise in History. For my undergraduate degree, I researched and wrote about the disability rights movement under Margaret Thatcher’s governments. I am a first generation and estranged student. I have previously worked on the first Global Ministerial Mental Health Event, and with the Children’s Society.

Photo of Lara Boudinot (she/her)

Lara Boudinot (she/her)

Environmental Rep

Lara is pursuing a DPhil in Biology focusing on large mammals in Uganda. When she is not explaining to everyone why the Packers and Bucks are the best American sports teams or confessing her love for cheese, you can find her hiking, cooking, or playing volleyball!

Photo of Marjun Parcasio (he/him)

Marjun Parcasio (he/him)

Part-Time Students' Representative

Marjun is reading for a MSc in International Human Rights Law. In his non-Oxford life, Marjun practises law as a litigator in London, but you’ll otherwise find him drinking his eighth coffee of the day, causing havoc while coxing on the river or going for long runs to ruminate over why he thought that juggling a full-time job with a part-time degree was a good idea.