The MCR Committee

The committee represents the students of the MCR and is always working towards making life at New College easier, more fun and more social.

Photo of James 'Theo' McAuliffe (he/him)

James 'Theo' McAuliffe (he/him)


Theo is a DPhil student on the Interdisciplinary Biosciences DTP, focusing on virology related research. To break up the monotony of living in a lab he enjoys running, playing rugby and football, sleeping and watching trash TV. Get in touch if you have any ideas to improve MCR life!

Photo of Fitzroy 'Pablo' Wickham (he/him)

Fitzroy 'Pablo' Wickham (he/him)

Vice President

Pablo hails from Jamaica and is currently reading for a DPhil in Clinical Neuroscience. When he isn’t tending to his MCR Veep responsibilities Pablo enjoys cooking, eating, working out, acting and binging Netflix series.

Photo of Mikhail 'Misha' Vaganov (he/him)

Mikhail 'Misha' Vaganov (he/him)


I am doing a DPhil in experimental Condensed Matter Physics. Most of the time I spend in the lab kicking electron and nuclear spins trying to make them behave and be coherent. This is motivated mostly by the appalling hardware requirements for Elden ring, Final fantasy and God of War: humans definitely need quantum computers for those games!

Photo of Bushra Senin (she/her)

Bushra Senin (she/her)

Social Secretary

Bushra is pursuing a DPhil in Biochemistry, focusing on DNA replication and repair mechanisms. Apart from complaining about how long her day has been (every day), she spends her free time reading and attempting to write poetry and playing the piano.

Photo of George Morgan (he/him)

George Morgan (he/him)

Social Secretary

George is doing a DPhil in Condensed Matter Physics exploring new materials for next generation solar cells and has moved to Oxford after completing his undergraduate degree at Imperial College London. He enjoys spending time with friends, playing rugby (for both New College and the University), and making the most of our time here in the MCR at New College.

Photo of Emma Kerry

Emma Kerry

Welfare Officer
Photo of Nika Vahcic (she/her)

Nika Vahcic (she/her)

House Officer

Nika is doing an MPhil in Economics. She plays violin and occasionally wakes up at 6am to go to rowing outings. Reach out to her if you have any requests/ideas for additions to our MCR spaces!

Photo of Eloise Knight-Smith

Eloise Knight-Smith

Bar Officer

Eloise is currently reading for an MPhil in Greek Literature and Language. Some of you may know them from their tenure as LGBTQ+ rep, but they’re now back and better than ever with much more alcohol at their disposal (and some fancy soft drinks too)- you will likely find them frantically writing essays behind the bar.

Photo of Mandisa Shandu (she/her)

Mandisa Shandu (she/her)

Equality and Diversity Officer

Mandisa is from South Africa and is doing a DPhil in Law. She enjoys jazz, poetry, long walks (not runs!) and wine. Feel free to reach out about any ideas you may have to make your experience at New more inclusive, or to celebrate your culture/identity as a college community.

Photo of Aidan Manley (he/him)

Aidan Manley (he/him)

Sports Rep / Vice Admiral of Punts

Aidan is a DPhil in Chemistry. When not wondering why his code has inexplicably produced imaginary numbers, he is usually waking up at dawn for rowing outings, kicking a football against a wall while reminding himself of Einstein’s definition of insanity or sobbing over Newcastle United’s most recent result.

Photo of Kristen Koopmans (she/her)

Kristen Koopmans (she/her)

Women's Rep

Kristen (she/her) is currently pursuing a DPhil in Cancer Sciences. When she’s not pipetting things in the lab, she’s probably cafe hopping trying to find the best cortado in Oxford.

Photo of Mia Zipperle (she/her)

Mia Zipperle (she/her)

Women's Rep

Hi, I’m Mia! I’m from Heidelberg, Germany, and am currently doing an MSt in German Literature. When I’m not stuck reading 19th century novels in the library, I can either be found baking for my housemates, spending all of my money on coffee, walking through Oxford’s parks or queuing at Najar’s.

Photo of Mizy Judah Clifton (he/they)

Mizy Judah Clifton (he/they)


Mizy is reading for an MSt in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. When he’s not reading wacky queer/trans theory, he can be found asleep (with a philosophy podcast playing in the background) or out on a long walk. Mizy’s main goal is to create a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ+ people at NC and is always available for a chat–very little…

Photo of Gabriel 'Gabi' Abrahams (he/him)

Gabriel 'Gabi' Abrahams (he/him)

Bike Rep

Gabi is a DPhil student in the Interdisciplinary Biosciences DTP, with undergraduate and masters degrees in physics (the experimental kind, so your bike may emit strange radiation after he’s done with it). As bike rep he maintains the MCR’s fleet of bicycles which are free for members to borrow. If you have a bike problem, feel free to ask for tips!

Photo of Hazel Simpson (she/her)

Hazel Simpson (she/her)

Arts & Culture Rep

Hazel is doing an MSc in Experimental Psychology. She loves cooking, reading, and drawing. A typical day-in-the-life might involve working (unproductively) in one of Oxford’s many libraries, laying in bed contemplating life, and then rushing to an event she forgot she signed up for.

Photo of Mhairi Carson (she/her)

Mhairi Carson (she/her)

Arts & Culture Rep

Hi! I’m keen to organise lots of events and activities that are easily accessible to everyone in the MCR and collaborate with other colleges so that we can all meet new people, whilst strengthening our own NC community. I’m studying musicology and spend my free time playing the trumpet as one sixth of catbandcat!

Photo of Cieran Leigh (he/him)

Cieran Leigh (he/him)

Disability Rep

I’m Cieran, a mathematics teacher (PGCE) at the Department of Education, and the first generation to come to university in my family. I’m a disabled student and come from a family with a long history of disabled family members and supporting disabled chairites. My interest include recreational mathematics, sailing, and supporting the Welsh rugby team.