Emergency Support

Nothing is scarier than having an emergency and being short on money, or having a broken bike or a laptop.

Bike Borrowing Scheme

Emergency Laptop Borrowing Scheme

How to get them

Email college IT helpdesk@new.ox.ac.uk and ask for the the emergency laptops. Depending on the time and day, you will be able to swing by IT, or they will prepare them and leave them at the lodge for you to collect.


The IT Office will remove all data upon return of the laptop. So we advise that you save data to an external storage device.

You have full administrative rights, so can install any software you require. All use of this laptop should comply with the University’s IT Regulations

The laptop has Sophos Antivirus, Heimdal (a software patching application), Cisco VPN and Dameware Remote Everywhere (a remote support tool). Please do not un-install these applications.

If you wish to install Microsoft Office, please do this by going to the My account section of Office.com, signing in with your SSO details, then click Install Office. You can also sign out of this laptop and other devices so you do not hit the install limit.

Terms of the loan

  • Loan period will be for 2 weeks from the date you take the laptop away. If you need to extend this period you must write to IT asking permission. This may not always be granted based on demand from others.
  • Late returns will be batteled at a cost of £5 day past the return date.
  • Damaged or missing items upon return will be batteled for the cost of replacement.
  • If you do not return the laptop after a period of 14 days past your initial return date you will be batteled for the full replacement cost of the laptop.

Solidarity Fund

The MCR Solidarity Fund (from now on, MSF) is a project which aims to help fellow postgraduate students at New College who are experiencing financial distress. Only full members of the MCR are eligible to apply. You can find further details via this form.

The MSF has two goals:

  • to provide quick and easily accessible financial relief for students that are unexpectedly facinghardship;
  • to mitigate the chronic exclusion from New College community life of low-income and/or underprivileged students due to lack of funds.

Accordingly, prospective MSFbeneficiaries can apply to the fund for two separate kinds of help: the hardship grants(A) and the accessibility grants(B).

Emergency Funding

If you are facing a sudden emergency or lack of funds, and are in sudden need of financial support, please contact Sheena Hinton, the assistant to the bursar.

On some information on what support is available, please the following note from the bursar (on the MCR teams).