Social Life

Each term, the MCR offers various events for members to come together. You can learn about these events on our Facebook page or via email (see here for details).

MCR Events

A list of upcoming MCR events can be found on our MCR calendar (teams link).

Exchange Dinners

These are occasions in which around 15 MCR members go to another college to have dinner with their MCR in one week, as well as host them at our college in another week. Each dinner is usually accompanied by pre-drinks, Second Desserts (more on that below), and a tour of the college. In the past, we’ve had exchanges with colleges such as Merton, St. John’s, and Nuffield!

Guest Nights

Held every other Friday, Guest Night is a chance for MCR members to dress in their finest and experience the best food that New College has to offer. As the name suggests, friends and family often attend, and the dinner is followed by Second Desserts and Bar Night in the MCR. For more information, see here:

Second Desserts

Because one dessert is never enough! Following Exchange Dinners and Guest Nights, we make our way over to the MCR where a seasonal selection of cheese, chocolates, and dessert wines are served. Second Desserts is perfect for those who don’t like the night to end too early.


BOPs are perhaps the biggest event in the MCR termly calendar; a large themed party for the MCR and friends. Once or twice a term, the Weston Building is transformed according to the theme, with music and dancing going on into the night, much to the distaste of our Linarce neighbours.

Karaoke Nights

Who doesn’t want to sing their heart out with friends? Held once a term, this gives everyone a chance to embrace (or watch others embrace) their inner divas after guest night. All of this while helping themselves to dessert wine, cheese, and chocolate through second desserts!


We partner with local businesses specializing in wine, whiskey, cheese, and/or chocolates to host a special tasting for our MCR. This is usually quite a popular event!

Garden Party

At the end of Trinity Term, we hold a big party to celebrate the end of the year. Usually, it is held in the Weston sports ground, with bouncy castles, food trucks, and all the fun you can ask for!

Organize your own event

Do you love the MCR events but feel that something is missing? Are you really passionate about something and would like to share it with other people?

Then we have a good news for you: We have a created an event budget for you to organize your own MCR events.

If you have an idea for an event that you would like to do, please send a proposal containing your idea, the expected number of people and the requested budget (up to 100 Pounds) to our MCR committee email list

We will discuss your proposal and if two committee members are in favour, we would be happy to support and help to organize your event.