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Table of Contents

MCR Support

Peer Supporters

Irene Yang


I am in my second year of a DPhil in Musculoskeletal Science looking at just the outer halves of each knee. I spend most of my time in Headingtonbut when I’m not there, I’m in the MCR, or writing, painting, sketching or taking photos of nature. As a peer supporter, I am also available to chat confidentially and support students with any matters of concern.As MCR WelfareOfficer, I works closely with the sports officer, the social officers, the Equality and Diversity rep, womens rep and LGBTQ+ rep (and the rest of the MCR committee), to ensure that welfareis well taken care of. I enjoy listening, caring and supporting all MCR members to ensure that the MCR is as inclusive as possible.

Thomas Caganek


Hi! I’m Thomas, a second-year chemical biologist and I’m one of the peer supporters this year. It can be very intimidating at Oxford and especially in the beginning it can feel like you have no one to talkto. I certainly felt that way when I first arrived here. I hope I can be someone that you can talk to if you have any issues or just want to chat. You’re welcome to reach out about anything that’s on your mind-even if you just had a rough day and you want someone to talk.I’m super happy to text or meet up in person pretty much any time. You can reach me per email or on Facebook -or you can find me in my room at the Weston Buildings -I’m living in house 11 room 4.

Sexual Health Support

Free condoms, pregnancy tests, and rape alarms are provided by the MCR. They can be found in the MCR tv room, in the drawer marked “welfare supplies”. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the MCR welfare officer.

College Support

SCR Welfare Team

New College has a dedicated SCR Welfare committee who are happy to provide graduates with information and support. Team members include:

If you want to talk through any questions or concerns please make an appointment with Erica, Sarah or Dan using the contact details above.

Caroline is also available to talk to students about domestic issues and life in college. Students can drop into her office on the ground floor of 4 OB through the Assistant DB’s Office.

Medical welfare

There is a college surgery at the bottom of staircase 1NB where you can see the college nurse, Heather Duignan, or the one of the doctors during their visiting hours. The surgery is run by the 28 Beaumont Street Medical Practice with which New College is affiliated.

Please see the Health section of the Welfare pages for further details.


The Porters’ Lodge is where you’ll be heading to get your spare set of keys once you’ve locked yourself out. It’s also where you can pick up parcels delivered to college or to get small essentials like light bulbs. There are two Porters Lodges at New College – they can be contacted easily by phone: Main Porters Lodge: (2)79500, Weston Porters Lodge: (2)81081